BREAKING: Democrats Just Hit The GOP With Devastating News As They Pull Ahead In North Carolina

North Carolina Democrat, Dan McCready, was revealed via new poll this Wednesday to have a shocking 7 point lead over his Republican counterpart Mark Harris.

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The new poll which was conducted by the Civitas Institute, a conservative nonprofit in the state, discovered that McCready currently leads over Harris by a margin of 43 percentage points to 36 percentage points amongst suspected voters. The Libertarian candidate competing in the race, Jeff Scott, holds just 3 percent of the vote.

“This race has all the indications of being a nail-biter into November, but Republicans should be concerned with a negative 7-point spread in a district that has an R+7 rating,” Civitas president Donald Bryson stated following the unveiling of the poll numbers.
An R+7 rating points to the districts Partisan Voter Index, a statistic constructed by the Cook Political Report that measures exactly how each district votes in presidential years when contrasted to the national average.

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The GOP has been concerned with the race ever since Harris, a pastor in the district, took down Representative Robert Pittenger during the GOP primary earlier this year. Without the power of the incumbency, Republicans are worried that Harris’s shocking victory could allow Democrats a real chance of winning the seat.

However, Harris supporters think that a candidate without connections to the Washington establishment could prove to be a much-needed change for voters looking for outsider candidates.

Meanwhile, McCready, a veteran, and a small business owner has proven himself to be a powerful fundraiser, having $1.2 million in the bank through mid-April, when candidates submitted their most fundraising reports, while Harris had only $70,000. Both candidates are expected to file their second-quarter fundraising totals by Sunday.

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